laundry masher reviews

Laundry masher review 2020: is it really worth your money?

Laundry masher review

What can be more strength draining than doing the laundry especially when you do it mechanically or by hand washing. Doing the laundry is so exhausting and even when we do them we may end up damaging our light colored clothes because we unknowingly mixed them with clothes that produce colorful chemicals. Selecting out the clothes that produce this colorful chemical from the other clothes can be so tricky.

Unfortunately, washing is one thing that can’t be eliminated if you want to look clean and smell nice. Sometimes the use of soaps and detergents washes away the color of our clothes making our clothes look faded. There are so many ways to go about this but some of these ways are not effective, well I know a 99.5% verified way to solve this and it is the use of Laundry Masher . This innovative new product is changing the way people wash their clothes.

Are you wondering what Laundry Masher is? Or You have already heard about this before and your here to verify if all you heard about this product is true. Well, all you need to do is read through the review below and get all the answers to your questions and even more information about  Laundry Masher .

What is laundry masher?

Laundry Masher is a spherical washing ball that contains specially created Nano silver infused ceramic beads that reacts with water to deeply clean your clothes fast . This product is really powerful and it comfortably replaces the use of detergent and soaps for washing. Some detergents may cause damage to your cloth and even your skin but this product doesn’t cause any damage because it is chemical free. So if you have a sensitive skin just like l do , I really advise you give it a try and probably it will become your best washing agent.

laundry masher

Laundry pineapple/grenade Masher are completely natural , they collect dirts, odors and stains from your cloth leaving your cloth all clean and fresh as you would like it. Although this product is new in the market it has gained a high level of popularity in some countries like United States, Australia, United Kingdom , Canada and many other countries and this is because this product is way better than other laundry pods and detergents in the market .

Laundry masher review: In what forms does it comes in.

This laundry ball masher comes in two different forms. They are:



The spherical ball is strong enough to withstand the tumbling and turning in the washing machine . I know you have a question on the level of noise this ball will generate when its used to wash in the machine. Well, it doesn’t generate a high level of noise, the rattling of this ball in the machine cannot wake a baby sleeping 10m away from the machine .

This product comes in different scent options so you can select the one you like. Aside washing your clothes clean it also removes odor ( smoke, bad smells) from clothes giving it a fresh and nice scent.

This product is way better than detergents in many ways like: it helps you save up cost because it is cheaper than detergents , it does not damage your clothes , it is  suitable for every washing machine, it is eco friendly and doesn’t have any effect on people with sensitive skin.

People who have hard water will appreciate the fact that this product can decrease limescale build-up and rust . Well I really think this product is worthy to be given a try.

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laundry masher

Features of laundry masher

The features and what is found inside this masher is outlined below :

  1. It contains natural infused Nano silver ceramic beads that washes away microorganisms, dirts, stains and odor.
  2. Does not contain any chemical therefore its eco friendly.
  3. It saves you the cost of buying detergents every-time because it is used repeatedly .
  4. It has magnets that helps to reduce limescale buildups and rust.
  5. Very safe for people with allergies.
  6. The presence of antibiotics helps to remove mold and bacteria.
  7. It works perfectly with any kind of washing machine .
  8. It last approximately for 200 washes.
  9. It lasts for more than 1000 loads.
  10. It gives your cloth a fresh and nice scent .
  11. Doesn’t need crazy-hot water , hence, it saves energy.
  12. It has negative and far infrared to ensure sterilization
  13. It increases the PH of water to same level of the detergent with help of the alkali present .

Technical Specifications of laundry grenade masher

You need to know the specifications of this masher before you make use of it. Below is the specifications of this product. It complies with the European Directives 2014/30/EU

Product size63*107*63mm
laundry masher review

Who can make use of the laundry masher pineapple washer

 Laundry Masher ball is  for anyone who wants to save cost on washing detergents, anyone who wants an easy and simple way to keep their clothes clean and any one that wants an eco friendly way to do their laundry.

 Well, I am pretty sure that everyone wants an easy, cost saving and eco friendly way of washing hence, this amazing revolutionary product is for everyone.

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Benefits of using this laundry grenade washer ball

 Certainly, every reader of this review will like to know the benefits of this product. I have outlined the benefits below:

1. Does not require cleaning: When you use this product to wash your cloths in the machine it doesn’t get dirt therefore there is no need to clean it . All you need to do is to keep it under the sun for it to refresh , dry and recharge. This should be done atleast once in a month.

2. It is natural and eco friendly:

Unlike so many washing agents in the market today this product is free of chemicals or perfume.

3. Its Hypoallergenic:

There is no bit of chemical in the laundry masher balls, therefore people with sensitive can make use of this product comfortably without worries of allergies or rashes.

4. Several scent options:

 This masher ball comes with different scent options from which you can choose the scent you need for your cloth or fabric.

5. Has two forms : This product comes in two different forms which are:

  • Grenade
  • Pineapple

6. No excess noise:

This washing ball does not generate excess noise in the washing machine because it is a shock absorber.

Some other benefits include but not restricted to:

  1. It can provide 3000 wash cycles
  2. It is used both in soft and hard water
  3. It can be used at any temperature level.
  4. It is energy conserving
  5. It is money conserving and very affordable compared to detergents.
  6. It does not damage clothes unlike some harsh detergent in the market.
  7. It can take you through many laundry days (up to 1500 washes) and still retain its effectiveness.
laundry masher reviews

Working mechanism of laundry masher

Laundry Masher Ball is the same size with a traditional softball and are made with non-toxic plastic. The protrusions found on the surface of the ball is the way this ball cleans our cloths. When the balls move around in the washing machine they clean the cloths by letting water pass through the orifices and interact with the bio-ceramic beads inside the shells .  The ceramic beads found in this ball is made of natural substances(calcium, magnesium and zinc) , it also has antibacterial and antioxidants qualities.

Though detergents can also be used to change the PH of water making it more alkaline they do this with the help of harsh chemicals but Laundry Masher Balls does this naturally .

Since most microorganisms that live in the water lives between a PH of 6.5 and 7 , the ceramic pellets in the ball moves around and increases the water’s PH thereby killing all the microorganisms in the water because they can’t survive above their natural PH. Hence with this pellets you can get a the cleaning and disinfecting hydrogen peroxide effect on your clothes.

Like l stated earlier this product is very compatible with any kind of washing machine. Just drop the masher ball into the machine and let it carry out its work.

This beads found in the plastic shell are very tough and for sure cant be damaged even when used for years . I dont know why but according to the manufacturer’s of this product , this product are effective only for 1000 washes.

How do you use laundry masher balls for washing?

To get an expected result you need to know how to use this pineapple/grenade masher ball properly except you want to mess the whole thing up. I have listed a step by step guide to help you achieve a positive result after you use this product .

  • Wash colored and white cloths differently.
  • Always pre- treat stains on your cloth before wash.
  •  Add a load of cloth to your washing machine .
  • keep the laundry masher on  top of the cloths
  • Select your desired wash setting for your load.
  • Start the cycle.
  • You can toss your cloth in the dryer or hang to dry after the cycle ends.

I agree , that l have outlined steps to follow to wash your clothes with this product but keep in mind that some fabrics comes with instructions which should be followed. It can be used with any temperature setting on your washing machine ( max 70 C / 158 F).

PROS and CONS (laundry masher review)

 Every product has its good and bad areas . But the important thing is that the good sides should outweigh the bad sides . The Pros and Cons are given below :

PROS (Laundry masher review)

  1.  It is hypoallergenic
  2. It follows an easy to use philosophy
  3. It washes your cloth clean and fresh
  4. It saves you all the money you would have spent on detergents.
  5. Its eco friendly
  6. Guarantees high quality , durable and long lasting
  7. A 30 day money back guarantee is available . You can return this product within the 30 day of purchase if you are not satisfied .


1. Although some many other reviews did not inform you, I notice that this product does not really wash out dirts on the first wash.

2. Clothes that are really stained may need an additional wash .

3. Its in limited stock and is only available online.

Where can you buy laundry masher?

Aside from putting up a no nonsense laundry masher review for you to read, we also feel that it is important that you know all the safest places to purchase your product.

You may have seen some reviews claiming that you can buy this product online on some other site, be cautious so you don’t fall into the hands of scammers.

If you really want to not end up in the hands of scammers online, we always let our readers know that it is best they make their purchase from a trusted source. In the case of this product, it is best to get it from the producer’s main website.

Aside the fact that purchasing this product from the producer’s main website will make your purchase safer, there are other things that you stand to gain. They include the following:

  1. Discounted prices: When you buy directly from the manufacturing company online, you will get the product at a discounted price. This is partly due to the ongoing new year promo on this offer. If you buy on of this masher balls, you will be given a 50% discount. The same goes for 2, 3 and four units of this product. The higher the no, the more the discount sale
  2. Refund policy: This is obviously the best reason to buy from the manufacturer. When you buy from online vendors, you will automatically lose access to this policy. The refund policy of the laundry masher producing company makes it very easy for you to return this product upon usage and get a full refund of your money. I feel the company put in this refund policy to show you the amount of faith they have in this product. They believe that when used the right way it just cannot fail.

What is the cost? (laundry masher review)

Laundry Masher is very price friendly. This product is used repeatedly saving you cost. The affordability of this product makes it a hot cake in some Countries like United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and some other countries.

The price for this product is outline below :

  • One laundry pineapple/grenade masher is sold for $79.98 but because of the current discount offer you can purchase it at just $39.99 (50% discount)
  • Two laundry masher is sold for $79.98 only (50% off) instead of $159.96
  • Three laundry balls are sold for $89.98 only (63% off ) instead of $239.94. Most popular.
  • Four laundry balls costs about $109.97 only (66% off) instead of $319.92

Note that these are discounted price and the price of this product can increase anytime. Why not enjoy the benefit now that it’s still available.

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laundry pineapple masher review

Here are some of the comments from customers who have used this laundry washer ball

Below are some customers review from persons who have made use of this product:

Doing the laundry after the days work has really been very stressful for me. I didn’t have the money to pay any nanny or the laundry man to help me out. It was my mum who introduced me to the laundry masher after I had complained incessantly about how difficult it used to be for me to return home and meet the laundry. Since then I’ve had rests. This grenade washer works well. It is very effective, removes stains that have even lasted long for days. I no longer spend so much money on getting laundry soaps as my laundry grenade washer has been doing very well. I’m happy to have gotten it.


The sweetest thing about the laundry masher for me was the fact that it did not make use of any chemicals. Meaning that it was very good for my environment and didnt have to bother so much about getting my kids hurt from its use. It does not bleach. None of us in the house have developed any skin issues since using it. Plus, it goes well with every type of cloth and color. I love it more because it will definitely be a plus in preserving our already degrading economy. Im impressed with the product.

Oma b

This is a premium product. I wasn’t so accustomed to using it for the first few days though but after that it was very alright. For me, I feel its selling point is in its eco-friendliness and effectiveness. It’s one that I will recommend my friends and even you to get hold of if you’re really tired of using soaps every single time


No one is as lazy as me when it comes to doing the laundry. It’s one part of life that I do not enjoy at all. Even the easiest of them all which should be ironing wears me out a lot. Since I didn’t like doing my laundry the hard way, I had always sort for easier ways to do them. I normally paid dry cleaners but that started to become a burden at some point till I saw the advert on this laundry balls.

I got hold of it and ever since that time doing the laundry has been super easy. My jeans do not bag out, my plain trousers do not release “hairs” anymore. I’m glad I got this.

Amaka k

      I am happy to give my review, my son happens to be sensitive to various brands of detergents. I was given advice by a friend to try out the Laundry Masher. Actually I had no clue about the product. One thing that is an added advantage is that l am able to wash everyone’s in the same big load with no itches. And the clothes do come out with fine scent, no tears, so clean and fresh, this product is worth a try.

Pitt j

          At first getting the laundry Masher was quite difficult, because it was not in a physical store, It was a bit not easy for me. But I got it online from their website and l will say l do not regret using this product it was a bit tricky handling it, but as I frequently used it I began to get the hang of it.

I have a three year old son Temi, who loves to mess himself up. The laundry Masher has really come to my aid, regarding serious stains on Temi’s fabric. Though in some stains I have to still try to wash them first to weaken the stain before using the laundry Masher. But overtly, the laundry Masher is a very nice product.

Abdul w

People also ask questions (laundry masher review)

 How big is laundry pineapple masher ?

Laundry masher is small and very handy. So it can be carried easily.

Is a detergent needed for the laundry masher to work?

You don’t need any detergent to use this laundry masher. The plastic core is filled with lightly scented ceramic beads that work with the mechanical action of the Laundry Masher casing to produce a cleaner , softer load of wash.

How long does the Laundry Masher  Nano silver beads last ?

Well , the beads last for approximately 200 washes.

Is the Laundry Masher okay with any setting or temperature?

Affirmatively, each laundry Masher is constructed with durable thermoplastic rubber that is capable of handling the heaviest load at the hottest setting . Each shell is shock absorbing and it is designed to reduce the noise inside your washing machine . The vents , along each laundry Masher ensure, a thorough cleaning in every circle

Does the laundry Masher come with any kind of guarantee?

 Yes, if you do not like the product you can return it back to the manufacturer and get back your money  as far as its within 30 days of purchase and you keep to the money back policies.

Finally…..(laundry masher review)

Finally , I tell you that this laundry masher is the best laundry pod or detergent you can get in the market.

Everyone can use this product because it contains no chemical or dye that causes skin irritation , rash or allergy  for people with sensitive skins.

This product is very affordable and it is also money conserving . It is also eco friendly and easy to use .

If you’re tired of spending so much when it comes to doing the laundry, checking out the reviews, the features, cost and even policies on this offer, I tell you that this product is really a must have.

So why don’t you click the button below and purchase yours now .

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