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Miracle Sheets Review: Get A Healthier Sleep In 2020!

Miracle Sheets Review: If you’re hoping to purchase the Miracle sheets, then read our review thoroughly.

In this post, I’ll cover everything you need to know about this unique bed covering. You’ll learn about how it works, the features, price, and benefits you stand to enjoy from this product!

Let’s get started right away!

Miracle Sheets Review: What’s all the Hype?

According to the New York Post, Americans use an average of 11 hours each day lying in bed. When you calculate how much time that is in total, it’s almost half a lifetime!

Well, sleep and rest are very important, being an awesome treatment for fatigue. It gets you refreshed after the days work, and when awake, leaves you energized to conquer the day’s tasks.

However, one thing that gets much effect from lying on the bed more often is your bed sheets and pillow covers. In times when you have to stay at home (pandemics), the sheets get dirtier than before, which means you’ll need to wash them frequently to make them neat.

Asides from that, no matter how you wash those sheets, there’s a huge probability that germs will remain on them. Even if you clean more often, as you spend more time at home (sleep and rest), the sheets will continue to get dirty and become a playing arena for germs! You certainly won’t want that, will you?

To make life all better, you’ll need sheets that kill germs and will save you extra laundry. If you’re looking for a high-class product that does the magic, then go for the Miracle Brand Sheets!

What is Miracle Brand Sheets?

Miracle brand sheets are antibacterial bed coverings that have the power to destroy bacteria, germs, and molds growing on sheets. As a result, they stay neater and longer than other ones.

What’s unique about this set of bed coverings is that it is made with antibacterial Silver, which does the magic by killing 99.9% of bacteria and halts any microbial activity growth.

Using normal bedsheets, you’ll need to change them more often as they harbor bacteria, germs, and different microbial organisms. But with the Miracle brand sheets, you’ve got no need to stress as this type slows any microbial growth thanks to its natural ionizing power (Silver does the magic!).

Asides from that, if you’ve ever had acne, eczema, skin irritation, or any disorder, you’ll know this: Doctors or health care professionals advise that you wash your bedsheets and pillow coverings at least once a week to prevent the pool of bacteria and germs from causing more skin problems.

But with a tight schedule, who has the time to wash sheets each week? This is where Miracle sheets come into play- they save you washing time because it’ll remain fresh and very neat for longer periods than regular ones.

In all, if you want a healthier sleep and get that extra peace of mind each night, then buy the Miracle Brand Sheets! Keep Reading to see more about this fantastic product and how it’ll benefit you.

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Miracle Sheet Reviews: How Does It Work?

Like we explained earlier, the underlying principle of the Miracle brand sheets is this: it’s manufactured with antibacterial Silver, which after oxidation, releases ions that captures bacteria and germs on the material’s surface. Awesome stuff, isn’t it? So this principle destroys 99.9% of bacteria, germs, and molds on the sheets, making them all clean and fresher than regular sheets.

Miracle Sheet Reviews: What We Liked

After a thorough check of the Miracle brand sheets, I immediately fell in love with the product. Here are the features I love (and I know you’ll certainly love) about these bacteria-destroying bed coverings:

1. 3x Less Laundry

Aloft claims that Miracle brand sheet’s consumers will have three times less washing than other bed coverings, which is true! The antibacterial Silver makes the sheets appear somewhat dirt-resistant because of its ability to kill germs. With this property, you don’t have to slip your sheets into the washing machine each week. And not just that, the Miracle towel dries two times faster than normal ones, and yes, the washing process is a breeze! What else do you want?

2. Healthy Skin

When you use the Miracle brand sheets for your home, you’ll be free from 99.9% of germs, microbes, and bacteria that can cause skin problems. Whether it’s acne, eczema, or skin irritation, you will now worry less about contacting them thanks to the Miracle sheets’ germ-killing property. Your skin will also be fresher and glowing than before.

3. Temperature Moderation

Using normal sheets, when freaking hot in the day, they become scratchy and may cause heat and sweat because it lacks a thermo-regulating property. But with the Miracle sheets, it’s way different as its material will moderate the temperature giving you a cool and comfortable sleep each night.

4. Long-Lasting

The Miracle sheets is not a regular bed covering that’ll damage, tear, and fade after some time. Instead, it’s made up of 100% cotton with the perfect thread blends making it strong and able to stand the test of time. No matter how you wash, the silver properties don’t change or fade. In all, stop purchasing bed sheets and pillow covers that don’t last; instead, get the Miracle sheets!

5. Suitable for Different Bed Sizes

With normal bed sheets, I noticed that they don’t come in plenty of sizes to match different beds. But that’s not the same with the Miracle sheets. Whether you’ve got a small bed or a large one, you can cover them completely using the Miracle sheets. It comes in different sizes- twin, queen, and California king- so you can cover your beds properly.

I also noticed in regular pillow covers that the flap (a piece of cloth that stops the pillow from slipping out) isn’t large enough to perform its function. But with the Miracle Sheets, you won’t experience that; the flap is large enough to cover everything!

6. Smooth and Comfortable

What’s more refreshing than a quality and comfortable rest after the days work? The Miracle sheets are manufactured with 100% cotton making it very soft, accommodating, and comfortable during sleep.

The Miracle brand also has a sheet produced with Supima cotton (the best in the world) for maximum comfort. However, you’ll enjoy this if you purchase the Extra luxe. Yep, there are different Miracle products; keep on reading to know about them.

7. 30-Nights Free Trial

If you’ve made a purchase and regret( I bet you won’t), Miracle brand gives you a 30-day free trial, which means you get a 100% refund of your money under the first 30-days.

8. Free Delivery 

Unlike other products with high shipping fees, the Miracle sheets give free delivery, and of course, it means you won’t have to spend extra money on a purchase!

What We Disliked about the Miracle Brand Sheets

Like any superb product, there will be bad sides. Miracle sheet is a fantastic bed covering that gives you a healthier sleep, but it’ll have been much better if the following were put into consideration:

  • Purchase is Online only: You can’t purchase the Miracle sheets through a physical store, but the only way is through the manufacturer’s website. This isn’t a problem since we’re in a technological era, and most business transactions go online.
  • Limited stock: the stock for this product is a bit limited, so you’ve got to be quick with your purchase.
  • Needs Washing: Miracle brand sheets use Silver properties to kill germs- yes- but it doesn’t eliminate them completely. So you’ll need to wash them with time.
  • Slow Delivery: Due to the pandemic, shipping the Miracle sheets takes more time than normal, but they’re working on it.

Miracle Sheets Review: The Different Brand Products

Now that you want to try these unique sheets, here are some products from the Miracle brand to get you started:

1. Signature Set Miracle Sheets

This pack contains one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases. This is the general option if you want a cool, odorless, and quality bed sheet to get a good night’s rest.

2. Extra-Luxe Miracle Sheets

If you’ve got a high taste for comfort while sleeping, Miracle brand has a top-notch product to suit you: the Extra-luxe sheets. This type arrives with the same antibacterial Silver that kills germs, but it’s also produced with Supima cotton (one of the finest and high-class cotton in the world) with a thread count of 620.

The Supima cotton from the United States makes the bed sheets cool, smooth, luxurious, and very comfortable to lie on; Oh, heaven! Asides from that, this type is super helpful in different weather conditions. Even during summer, it won’t cause heat.

3. Miracle Home Bundle

Normally, other Miracle brand products only come in bedsheets and pillow covers, and if you want the towel, you’ll need to purchase them separately. But how can one get everything together? Perfect question! You’ll need to get the Miracle home bundle.

As the name implies, this product is a complete package for your home containing two-bed sheets, two pillow covers, and a full towel set (two bath towels, washcloths, and hand towels). What’s more exciting about this home bundle is the discount- you save up to 25% money than buying individually.

Why You Need To Buy the Miracle Sheets

Bacteria can replicate very fast. According to research by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Bacteria have the quickest reproducing process in the world, replicating every 4-20 minutes. If you mistakenly introduce dirt on your sheets (of course, you won’t notice), imagine how much germs share your bed with you each night.

We all try to be cautious, washing our hands, or using sanitizer when they get dirty. Then we change our clothes twice each day to prevent dirt from our bodies. What about the food? We do so well, too, doing the dishes after meal ensuring they’re clean to use anytime.

However, many people pay less attention to areas that also matter: bed sheets, pillow covers, and Towels! We come in contact with them each day; when it’s time for a good night’s rest and when you want to dry the water after a bath. And yes, because of the daily use, these materials tend to accumulate dirt quicker. If you engage with a scientist for a study, you’ll be appalled at how much germs share the night with you every day.

How do you solve all this? By purchasing the Miracle sheets. This fantastic innovation produced with Silver will reduce 99.9% of bacteria growth, make the sheets remain cleaner for longer periods than a regular one.

You deserve a nice antibacterial towel to wipe your face

Not only that, what about washing bedsheets? The process can be stressful, especially if you’re in a profession with a tight schedule. And in this case, getting a quality germ-killing bed covering like the Miracle sheets will significantly reduce laundry time.

Their products, both bath, and hand towels, dry faster than regular ones. And after trying them out, they stay refreshed for longer periods! Purchasing Miracle sheets is also a quick process (you’ll know everything in a bit) and 100% risk-free! Don’t you like them? Simple! You’ll get your cashback with no questions asked.

Where to Buy the Miracle Sheets and Price

To purchase the Miracle brand sheets, you’ll have to go through the manufacturer’s website. There you’ll see the different brand products. They also give special offers (discounts), which you can tap into if you’re lucky! What about the process? Everything’s a breeze! Right from selecting your desired product to making payments, it’s very easy.

Another good thing about the buying process is that the Miracle brand accepts different payment options (Paypal, credit cards, and other) to suit your need perfectly. And yes, the website is secured, so you can rest assured that everything’s in place!

The price for the Signature Miracle sheet set is $119, while that of the Extra-Luxe is $169. There’s also juicy discount offers to enjoy: a 50% discount on products of over 300$ and 15% off those of over $180. Follow these quick steps to get started:

How to Buy:

  1. Go to the manufacturer’s website.
  2. Select the product you want (either signature set or extra-luxe)
  3. Choose your preferred size. There’s twin, Full, Queen, and King.
  4. Hit the “Add to Cart” Button
  5. Slot in your payment details, pay, and that’s it! You’ll get your package within a short time!

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Miracle Sheets Review: Owner Information

In case you want more information about the product from the horse’s mouth, you can contact the manufacturers directly through the following:

  • Phone number: 1 888 683 4875
  • Address: Cargo Cove fulfillment c/o Miracle Brand- 1501 Haines St. Jacksonville, FL 32206
  • Email: hello@miraclebrand.co 

Miracle Sheets Review: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Miracle Sheets Really Kill Bacteria?

Yes! If you’re appalled, then know this: Silver, in its positively charged state, can destroy bacteria and some viruses. So, the same principle goes with the Miracle sheets; it’s made with Silver that kills germs. Get the gist?

2. How long can I use the sheets without washing?

Normal sheets need to be washed regularly (weekly) because of germs and stains. But that can be a kind of chore, Reason why the Miracle sheets come with Silver, which fights those germs and make it clean longer. With this, you can wash 3x less often than normal ones (every three weeks).

3. What’s Unique about the Extra-luxe product?

The Extra-luxe gives a super-luxurious cool feel thanks to the Sateen weave. It’s also produced with Supima cotton (one of the best cotton in the world).

4. Where are Miracle brand sheets made?

All the bedsheets are produced in Bahrain, while the towels in Turkey. The towels are produced from the long staple Indian cotton, the most popular cotton producers globally!

5. How do you wash the Miracle Sheets?

The Miracle brand products are very soft, comfortable, and unique because they’re produced from one of the world’s finest materials. As a result, there are some precautions while washing. Firstly, use a warm wash, don’t include them with other clothing having hooks or zips that can destroy it, and finally tumble dry low.

Miracle Sheets Reviews: Customer’s Opinion

“I’m scared of any eczema outburst on my face and very cautious about my skin health. Because of that, I always change my sheets frequently. That can be a lot stressful considering I have a tight schedule. But as soon as I tried Miracle sheets, I immediately fell in love! It’s three weeks now, and it still smells fresh. I’m happy with my purchase,” – Sylvia Williams.

“Awesome bed coverings! Everything fitted my beds and pillows. I purchased the home bundle, and yes, the towels are fantastic! I now get an extra piece of mind cleaning my face without fear of bacteria” – Brown Linus.  

“These bed sheets are super amazing! They do the work as advertised. I don’t change them too frequently because they remain fresh for long. I definitely recommend this product,” – James Peters.

Final Thoughts on Miracle Sheets Reviews

There’s no greater feeling than jumping into a fresh bed after the day’s stress. You’ll get a good night’s sleep, and yes, feel refreshed.

Days pass by; everything’s all fun and games till you remember you haven’t washed your sheets for some time. But you’re too busy; you really don’t want stress. And that’s where Miracle brand Sheets come in.

They have antibacterial properties that fight germs and bacteria that make sheets smelly and uncomfortable. Another plus is, it’s very comfortable. Having one of the best cotton in the world, you’re sure to enjoy a good night’s sleep!

In this Miracle sheets reviews, you’ve come to know all about the product, its features, and benefits. I hope you buy and enjoy the product we recommend.  

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