save sealer reviews

Save Sealer Reviews 2020: Is this a good food preserver?

Save Sealer Reviews

We live in a world where change is constant but one thing remains unchanged, our need for nutrition and sustenance. From hunting and gathering in the prehistoric times to our contemporary programmed farming. From eating uncooked meals, to cooking then trying to preserve our made meals came  the birth of canned and processed foods.

Processed foods have had quite a run in our food choices but slowly and steadily, natural and Organic foods are coming back into the picture and taking over their processed, canned or additives packed counterparts for obvious reasons. The numerous health benefits for the health conscious food consumers and of course, the nutrition and low calorific value of natural foods for the fit fam, who doesn’t want a toned body?

As a fitness enthusiast, working a highly demanding job and parenting simultaneously, I have found it frustrating to cope with the not-so-fresh taste of freezer burned foods, the constant wastage of leftovers, the disappointing discovery of fruits that went bad and the tiring process of preparing wholesome foods daily.

I could go on for hours about how my cucumbers always seem to absorb excess moisture and become nasty while in cold storage and how confused I am on the proper way to store fresh tomatoes, in the refrigerator perhaps? The freezer maybe? but these tomato bulbs always get hard and unmanageable so fast.

 I was always inconsistent with my healthy diet because of poor food storage and had to find a way around it all, then I discovered food sealing and packaging, but most of the sealers available were either too bulky and cumbersome for my taste or way over my budget, what a bother!

After months of enduring these troubles, I was finally able to cook sizable amounts of foods and store them without worrying about a change of taste making all the daily food preparation stress go away. Generally healthier and happier, my fruits, salads, natural food items and veggies now lasted longer and I was able to store even cooked meals. You want to know how? Keep reading!

Have you heard of Save Sealers? Have you seen one somewhere maybe and you want to know all about it? Are you having problems with food storage and keeping the original food taste and you need a solution? Should I get a Save Sealer? This article is definitely for you, prepare to know all about Save Sealers.

Food preservation is a very important part of lifestyle and cannot be overemphasized if you want to save money and always have some form of food available and ready to be used. For people who often have to work away from home, and indeed everyone, being able to preserve your food for long periods of times at a stretch without having it change looks or taste of texture is one thing we would love to do.

Having run through the options of food storage with plastic containers, nylon and foil wrappings, Saran wraps, food flasks and coolers, and not being able to acquire the ever expensive vacuum sealer, Imagine the relief I got from a reliable mini food storage enhancement device, The Save Sealer.

save sealer
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What is Save Sealer?

The Save Sealer is a small handheld mini vacuum sealer, a food storage enhancement device that includes BPA- free airtight bags that creates a seal around food preventing moisture from coming in contact with it. This allows the food to retain its original flavors and freshness and last even longer than conventional storage methods.

Not only does the savesealer bag prevent food wastage, it also saves storage space in refrigerators as the BPA-free airtight bags can be sealed in the shape of the food stored inside. Unlike plastic containers or cans that have regular shapes and take up defined spaces in the Freezers and Refrigerators.

The Save Sealer can be used to store basically different forms of food items, groceries, and even food on the go. Just pack up and Save Seal. This is a very important and helpful advantage of the Save Sealer as you don’t need to eat out in areas when  you are not sure of the food hygiene, your sealed food pack can come in very handy in those occasions.

The SaveSealer bag comes in two complementary parts, both of them reusable and highly efficient.

Does Save Sealer have parts?

Yes, it does. Not tiny, detachable or potentially harmful parts, but two easy to use operational components which are the air tight sealable plastic bags and the Save Sealer mini handheld vacuum sealer pump.

  1. Sealable Plastic Bags: These Bags are where the food materials go into first. They are reusable and durable, if properly managed, transparent and thin in thickness, very much like the popular storage bags, Ziploc. The sealable Save Sealer Plastic bags come in different sizes which gives you multiple choices for varying sizes of foods to be stored. A special feature of these bags is the little valves made present on them, which is were the Pump gets to do its work.
  2. The Save Sealer Pump: True to its name, this portable device “pumps” or sucks the air out of the sealable plastic bags when it is attached to the valve. The Pump is an interesting second member of the Save sealer combo and lets you eliminate moisture from food packaging in a very easy way.
  3. All that you need to do is connect the pump to the valve on one of the sealable plastic bags and press the small button on the pump. Watching the plastic bags get stuck very tightly around the food being stored as air and other contaminants gets eliminated from the bags can be very fun and satisfying.

With these two parts and their ease of access, you are ready to go! Now let’s look at a few reasons why the Save Sealer is the perfect go-to for food storage.

save sealer review

Top Features of Save Sealer

Portability: One of the features that ensures that this food preserving bag is the amazing food storage enhancement device you need, is the portable size as compared to pre existing bulky kitchen devices and vacuum sealers. Nobody needs a device that is the size of a washing machine and is taking up all the precious kitchen space. With the Save Sealer, you can easily store your sealing device in any kitchen drawer you choose.

Not only is it a kitchen equipment space saver, you can also very easily carry your Save Sealer around with you to places that it is needed, not only the kitchen! Cookouts, outdoor activities, wherever you can go with a bag. The Save Sealer is also very lightweight and will cause you no trouble to transport between places.

Cordless and Chargeable: This food sealing bag is not only portable but also easily managed and maintained. It has a cordless feature which gives the advantages of being able to use for long hours after charging and this can be done with just your normal USB cable! Now you don’t have to worry about the connecting cord not being long enough or having to install new sockets, fix damaged wires or all the other problems that come with the conventional kitchen device. It is a stress free, adaptable and low demanding food storage enhancement device, just the way we like our lives to be.

Improved Food Quality: If this isn’t the best part of it all, then I don’t know what else is. Having the same great taste of food every time you want it, is a privilege the Save Sealer can offer you. Your salads will be fresh and crunchy, your fruits and veggies the same too. This is the major function of the Save Sealer and it scores its goal. With air and moisture eliminated from the packaging by the Save Sealer mini vacuum pump, the food inside the sealed plastic bags do not come in contact with any contaminants and as such, stay healthy, fresh and free from rot or external factors. The sealed food simply doesn’t age.

Easy to Use: Imagine having to go through a very lengthy and definitely complicated manual before you start using a device. It can be very intimidating as well as bothersome but with the Save Sealer, it is almost a one touch and ready to use process. Actually it is!

This easily understandable two-step process of storing with the Save Sealer is not time consuming at all and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to use your new food storage enhancement device. Just place your food inside the sealable plastic bag size of your choice, attach the Save Sealer Pump to the valve on the plastic bag, press the button and you are already sealing and ready for storage.

Space Saving: We have already noted how easily this Sealer saves working space in the kitchen by being a portable and handheld mini vacuum sealer, now we’re going to consider, the space saved in our Freezers and Refrigerator by this handheld device with its sealable plastic bags.

When we store foods in our cold storage facilities, it is sometimes a hassle to arrange the groceries and food items so that they all fit in conveniently, especially when they are in bulky storage bags. The Save Sealer allows you to seal food packages according to their exact sizes, added to the fact that the plastic bag is drawn tightly to the food item inside it, it is almost like just stocking up your fridge with the food item itself- making it easier to maneuver and even more aesthetically appealing. Imagine opening your freezer to the sight of laminated steak and salad, so yummy already.

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How to Use the SaveSealer

After reading through this save sealer review by now, you must have already known what to do with your own savesealer bag when it arrives in the order, but just so that you are super sure that you have got it down right, here is how to use it;

Lie the sealable plastic bag flat on a counter or any horizontal surface after filling it up with the food you want to store. The small valve on the plastic bag should be facing up for ease of access. Before zipping the bag close, you should push air out of the bag with your hands, the way you would with a Ziploc bag.

Now you can attach the Save Sealer mini vacuum pump and press the button on it to get it started. Pressing the button will make the pump suck out or vacuum the remaining excess air from the plastic bag till it is air tight.

When do you stop sucking air out?

When the Save Sealer vacuum pump has made the food in the sealable plastic bags airtight, it automatically stops vacuuming. So you really don’t have to do anything extra, just pack your food in, zip the bag close, and vacuum excess air out by pressing the button. Very easy to do and fast.

Are the Save Sealer Plastic Bags Reusable?

You should know that the Save Sealer Plastic Bags are perfectly REUSABLE,  so if you were going to ask, Are the Sealable Plastic Bags reusable? The Answer is Yes! Just a little cleaning and we are  ready to seal and store again. This is a very Eco friendly benefit of the Save Sealer because it promotes a direct recycling of materials, hence we would have less pollution, less production of harmful plastics and a healthier environment and all round lifestyle.

Can I Use the Save Sealer Plastic Bags for all types of foods?

The Save Sealer Plastic Bags are highly versatile and can be used for a host of purposes and for quite as many types of food items. You might want to store wet food, dry food, warm, cooked or raw food materials, whatever the case maybe, Yes You Can.

Meats, Seafoods, Grains, Cheese, Cereals, Soups, Nits and Leftovers are some of the things the official manufacturer mentioned that the Save Sealer Mini vacuum sealer can be used to store, on their official website.

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Pros and Cons of The SaveSealer.

This review would be incomplete without a look at some of the Pros and Cons of the Save Sealer, this way you will know everything there is to know about this handheld food storage enhancement device.


  1. Easy to Use: You do not need to call a technician for installation, neither do you have to fix up or set any parts in place before use. A lengthy user manual is not needed. In fact, knowledge of technology isn’t a requirement before you can use the Save Sealer.
  2. Saves Time and Money: No long hours in the kitchen daily, No fancy time consuming storage processes, No need to break the piggy bank to get a food storage enhancement device. A pocket friendly step up from the regular vacuum sealer that  saves you money from avoiding food wastage. .
  3. Keeps foods Fresh: The Save Sealer keeps stored food fresh for up to five times longer than regular storage practices and without the unwanted effects of freezer burns or acquired nasty taste.
  4. Wide Range of Use: As pointed out earlier, the Save Sealer is not limited to only one type of food item, which makes it such  a great choice for purchase.
  5. Saves Space.


  1. Bags are fragile and susceptible to tear: Improper handling of the packed food can cause the bag to tear, air will enter and the unwanted decay process will start. To avoid this, you are advised to handle the sealed food bags with care of repack the bag as soon as the bag or airtight seal is compromised. Other than that, you can ensure you consume to food item as soon as you can to avoid its wastage.
  2. The Sealable Plastic Bags can be eaten by rodents as such they need to be stored in a box or plastic container to make sure they are in the best condition possible for use.

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Where can I get this save sealer bag?

This food preserving bag is yet to be made available in physical stores and can only be bought online from the manufacturer’s official website. A variety of prices are made available for purchase along with incredible discounts with as much as 40% off orders for as long as stocks last.

What is the price of save sealer?

The price of this bag that preserves food varies as it comes in different packages. The price of one bag is $39.99. However, for persons who may need more, there are some other wonderful packages that are very pocket friendly.

It is nice that you remember that this prices are actually off fire sale discounted costs. Prices may go up at any time. So if you want to get yours do that now that you can still get it at a cheap rate.

Save Sealer Reviews: Conclusion

save sealer reviews

The Save Sealer is exactly what you need if you want a food storage enhancement device that doesn’t take up much space or cost too much, saves you the stress of daily cooking and helps you prevent food wastage. If you need to have more room in that Freezer and keep your foods fresh for as long as you need to, then you should definitely be getting a SaveSealer bag.

The Cons are minimal but you are free to make your choice now that you know what you need to!

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